Computer Business Review – “Fiendishly Complicated” 5G Networks: Exciting, Expensive, Ever Coming?

Operators see three main use cases/routes to monetisation: 1) enhanced mobile broadband (eMBB); 2) ultra-reliable low latency IoT and 3) fixed wireless access (FWA).

Yet as a report from independent telecoms consultancy Northstream shared with Computer Business Review put it this week: “The 5G use cases discussed in the industry will likely bring no (or very small) increase in mobile service revenues for operators in the period 2018-2022.”

“Operators in key markets are facing a competitive environment with stagnating or even declining mobile revenues. Without a clear revenue upside we believe that operators will aim to keep CAPEX flat and therefore 5G rollout will be gradual, starting in 2020 and lasting over seven to ten years”.

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