Bloomberg – Huawei Hemorrhages Allies in Europe on Growing Security Concerns

“It’s been a week of negative announcements and indications from the biggest markets in Europe — the U.K., Germany and France,” said Bengt Nordstrom, CEO of telecom consultant Northstream. The continent’s biggest carriers will now be “extra cautious” of buying equipment from Huawei, Nordstrom said.


Dropping Huawei in Europe wouldn’t be easy. Most carriers have ordered its equipment because the technology is often seen as superior to that of its rivals. And while some analysts have suggested eliminating Huawei could be a boon for the Scandinavian vendors in particular, there’s also a risk of supply-chain disruptions if the biggest player is taken out, Nordstrom said.

“There is a much bigger question at stake here: if we are deglobalizing the telecom industry, then no one wins,” Nordstrom said. “We are entering into an era of uncertainty.”

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