Vamos a la Fira, oh o-o-o-oh

I admit it upfront, this is my 20th Mobile World Congress (missed the one in Nice 1991, wonder why, now I remember, I was busy building a GSM network). 650 people at the first one I attended in Rome (we thought it was huge) and now probably close to 50.000 people. I’m not alone doing this yearly pilgrimage, in fact, almost all of the original 650 attendees still do it. Hi Tom, how are you, Good to see you Dick, You haven’t changed a bit Harry (and he believes me!!). There must be something special about it. For our business it’s special because it’s the only way we can meet a great portion of our global customer base in one place in 4 days. Is also special to us because Northstream was officially launched at the Mobile World Congress many years ago (in Cannes 1999, back in “the good old days”…).

So, what more than nostalgia and meeting good friends brings us to Barcelona yet another cold February week. Well, this year, three things stick out to us:

1)  LTE; Although it’s been on the agenda for at least the two last MWC’s it will be for real this year, networks are in service and are being rolled out around the Globe. From the strong interest in our recent blog post about the only commercial LTE network in the world (just scroll down a bit), we know it’s hot. We have more test results to share in Barcelona for those who are interested.

2)  Google’s Eric Schmidt is giving a key note presentation; the leading internet player comes and talk to us. Almost feels like when Kennedy came to Berlin in 1963 (No, I was not there). I hope this will give inspirations to bring telecom and internet even further together.

3)  App planet. We are truly excited about GSMA giving so much focus to applications this year; it indeed reflects the buzz in the market and one of the challenges for many to find its proper place in. We will certainly spend time at the App planet in Hall 7 to find out the latest and greatest in that space and how it can expand the boundaries of revenue- and profit making opportunities, for all.


P.S.  Feel free to reach out to us in Barcelona (or before or after as well of course). From Northstream you will find Bengt Nordström, Jonas Twingler and Joonas Merenheimo on site, contact details to be found under “Leadership team” on this site.

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