LTE experience – It’s getting better!

On January 20 we posted a short entry describing our first experience with LTE, being one of the lucky first to try the commericalised version of this technology in real life. In short, the posting was a positive capture of the ground-breaking steps of the next big thing in our industry as seen from a user’s point of view. Indeed, we grumbled a bit about the fact that we reached “only” 12 Mbps instead of the “promised” 50 Mbps or so, but made it clear that this was from an indoor location using not too scientific methods and so on, but overall our impression was very positive and promising for the future.

Yesterday we noticed that other bloggers and news writers had picked up on our story and triggered a wildfire spread across cyberspace, but we noticed to our surprise that some of those referrals interpreted our experience as a negative proof that LTE is not up to par with expectations.

We have continued our live testing of LTE over the weekend and today, and we have tried it on buses and in cars and in other places in the city, indoor and outdoor, and we’re happy to say that we experience data rates above 25 Mbps more often than below, and we’ve reached 45 Mpbs downlink on some occasions. Maybe our blog posting made an impact after all.. 🙂

So to conclude, we would like to emphasise that we do not claim that our test methods are very scientific. Our results should preferably not be interpreted as such either. That time will come, and rest assured we will be there, but for now we’re just trying out the service as “simple users” and we’re impressed it works, encouraged by the bitrates we are now measuring and convinced that in due course early flaws will be corrected.

We intend to continue our trials throughout the week and onwards, and will regularly report on our experiences and findings, all for the good of the industry’s strive to keep on improving!

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