Introducing our blog – Northstreaming

Welcome to ‘Northstreaming’, a new leading light on the blogosphere. I’ve read somewhere that there are more people in the world writing blogs than there are reading them. I don’t know if it’s true, but I hope it will not be the case for this one. We’re launching ‘Northstreaming’ so that we can publicly share some of our observations, insights, views and opinions about the telecom, internet and media industries, and we hope it will shed some light and give new angles on trends and developments we’re all confronted with. Most of the time, the detailed outcome of our analyses and reflections are restricted to the ears and eyes of our clients, and it will of course stay like that, but at the same time there’s still an ocean of generic insights and wisdom stemming from our day-to-day work, and sharing it in this form we believe will provide food for thoughts, stimulate further discussions and help progressing the path to a fully connected world!

As a starter, from today and over the next couple of days we will discuss our predictions for 2010.