Here we go again. Sitting at an airport outside any given Northern European city. Carry-on bags, delayed flights, stale beer and perfume smelling at 30 meters away from the tax free shop.

I can’t help noticing a recent addition to this familiar frame; People searching and standing in line for power outlets to charge their smartphones, and I’m one of them.

This somewhat irritating issue is often forgotten when we rave and rant about the flurry of new and cool smartphones, capable of anything short of boiling eggs (though it will likely come too). Through the combination of big displays, high speed processors and a steeply increasing apetite for mobile data, the effective battery lifetime of mobile devices is on a sharply declining trend. Not such a big issue? Well, if it goes further down than the current average in our office (at least one daily charge, often more) it may hurt the very core of our business; mobility. People may actually stop (or at least reduce) using the phones for what we’re hoping they’d do more of! That would be no good.

But there is light at the end of the tunnel:

– New technology for charging. PowerKiss, for example, is a company that enables wireless charging with a small piece of HW that you connect to your phone. Of course the technology needs spreading but it’s good to know that there are innovative companies trying to make a business out of it. And if there’s one there are soon many.

– Higher focus on the manufacturer side. I recently saw that Nokia Siemens Network and Qualcomm have teamed up to solve the issue of staying connected to the network while in device idle mode. This eases both the battery lifetime as well as limits the signaling traffic (one of the hot topics lately)

So, things are being said and done. Or at least it seems so.

But please……hurry up, I’m already in the red zone!

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