First things first…

You’ve all seen it, slick smartphones, floods of applications and new 4G 100Mbit/s mobile broadband networks. These developments offer a promising outlook and reasons to be excited. But how about making a plain old phone call or sending an SMS, judging from my Christmas experience it’s not always that easy.

Entering a new decade the industry buzz promises us sky high network capacity offering endless and limitless connectivity wherever we go. There is no doubt that soon we will access the internet and information abundance more regularly with mobile devices than through any other device. And an endless line of widgets and ingenious applications will ease our everyday living.

According to the operators and PTS in Sweden, 99.98% of the population is covered by mobile broadband. But to our surprise, and disappointment, this is not the case in Skåne (or Scania). In one of the most densely populated areas in Sweden, and with no hills or mountains to block the radio waves, there are still white spots on wireless coverage!

Relentless attempts over the Christmas holiday (including climbing the roof of our holiday house) to call and send Christmas greetings to family and friends all failed. Judging by the sad faces of my beloved ones, not getting their season’s greetings, such poor quality of service is not acceptable a decade into the century.

To the operators of the world (or at least to those in Sweden): Please make it your New Year resolution to fix the road we’re on before overwhelming yourselves by plowing for the new ones. Yes, we all want super capacious and fast mobile internet, and we want it now, but not if we’re deprived of plain old vanilla phone calls in our holiday homes.

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