And I love her…

Speculations are over and facts are in the open. And I’m willingly admitting that doubting was wrong. “Need” has nothing to do with it. Just like you don’t “need” that motorbike if you’ve already got a pushbike and a car, or you don’t “need” that dessert after dinner or that glass of Chardonnay in front of the TV, you really don’t “need” that iPad either. But it feels darn good to have one. And you truly enjoy that extra spice in your life. I’ve had it now for 10 days and I deliberately waited to overcome the sometimes deceiving initial euphoria of a new gadget before giving a sober testimonial. It was hard to wait, but now I’m pretty sure; Sliced bread has been replaced! Justified use case here and justified use case there, what’s wrong about just having fun? “User experience” has been cited as a key selling argument, and good user experience is what it is. Whether I surf the web, play the games, read my mails, check my stock quotes, flick through my mails, read the news or put my photos on show to background music, it’s all different from how I used to do it. A true “lean back” experience and something I believe can rock the world.

Now, what’s this got to do with Telecom or Mobile operators? Well, that remains to be seen but it’s fair to assume that just like the iPhone reshaped the mobile device market the iPad and its alike (and they will come…) will set new standards on how we live our wireless lives, how we use the mobile internet and how a truly enjoyable user experience could (should) be like. So, pick a number, get in line and leap into the future!

And, maybe mobile operators should be rather happy that iPads can’t connect over 3G just yet, but it won’t be for long…


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