A new use case for (sm)art phones…

Had recently a rather bizarre art experience. I visited the “3 inch Canvas” exhibition, as part of the Helsinki Design Week scene; this exhibition was about art on mobiles – inside the device in fact. I felt the need to go and see for myself what this was all about. These pieces of art were all very different from each other, but what they had in common was that they used the smartphone screen as a canvas. 11 artists chose to showcase for example interactive photos, videos, (video) poems, animations, mobile drawings, and even a video on how an aquarelle painting is done, all on this small screen. The objectives of the exhibition were to reach a wider audience for this type of art and to work as inspiration for artists and encourage them to use mobiles in their art. My personal favourite was a piece where the artist (Pekka Kantonen) had made a short video of his family home videos showing two very similar scenes – in both of them he was with his son, making a phone call, just that these videos had been filmed some 15 years apart. Giving a snapshot on how radically everyday life has changed. This piece of art could have of course been shown on any screen, but it made the message even clearer, showing that nowadays art can even be put on phones.

This exhibition was indeed interesting, fascinating and showed a new way to enjoy art, but for a more business oriented mindset this instantly raised the question of money. Would people pay to have art in their mobile? Could this be used as a channel to promote exhibitions? Who knows, there could be a group of “long tail” artists who will find that this just the channel they have been missing in distributing their art… Putting art on mobiles is probably not the most commercially viable way of creating art, but then again, art is likely created on other grounds. Anyway, worth a visit if in Helsinki.

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