Northstream supported its client managing a strategic business transformation programme.

The Client, a global telecom operator, had launched a large business transformation programme, with the goal of increasing customer satisfaction, improve financial performance, and shorten the time to market. This was to be implemented by releasing a simplified product offering, improve business processes, transforming the IS/IT stack by introducing new systems, perform major development also on existing systems, and introduce an agile way of working.

Northstream took the role of the complete program manager, as well as project management roles within the programme, which consisted of several dozens of resources from dozens of countries worldwide. The responsibilities of Northstream included leading and synchronising the various sub-projects and vendors, managing the internal decision process towards steering groups and executive management, and communication towards the various stakeholders throughout the organisation.

Note that all end result of the project has not yet been realized, due to market changes and adjusted financials affected the scope and time deliverables, and eventually led to a break-up of the project into several projects and line activities spread out in time.