Support in Operational Readiness analysis for launch of VoLTE for a European operator

A European Mobile Network Operator requested Northstream to assess its readiness to launch Voice over LTE (VoLTE), implemented on operator’s virtualized telco cloud.For this assessment Northstream looked into operator’s VoLTE solution and its virtualized IMS, in terms of: Ways of Working, Organizational Structure, and Intra-organizational interactions.

To evaluate the operational readiness and generate a list of possible risks, Northstream looked into client’s VoLTE solution implementation and its VoLTE value chain. This was done by conducting interviews, reviewing implementation and operation documents, and analyzing processes involved. By mapping utilized functions into involved units of the organization, Northstream was able to assess the VoLTE readiness, and prepare a readiness map. The final outcome was a set of key operational risks together with relative readiness level of three main functions: a) subscriber provisioning & customer care, b) operations and production management, c) Incident monitoring & management.