Strategic sourcing and vendor management for rollout projects

A global operator with strong growth ambitions needed in one of its European units a sourcing strategy to support a multitude of rollout projects in the wake of Networks migration and acquisition projects. The need comprised timely sourcing procedures and legal security as well as a stringent governance approach to evaluate vendor performance.

Northstream devised together with the client a framework of standardized frame agreements for Network planning and rollout. The scope covered procurement for projects regarding both mobile and fixed rollout, installation as well as digging/ ducting and fiber blowing. Northstream performed a mapping of needed competences and geographies and closed frame agreements to cover identified needs. Subsequently, Northstream managed the procurement execution phase.

The assignment has in a multitude of tenders ensured buyer-internal and vendor compliance with set standards and governance routines. The framework in place now grants mutual legal security, defines collaboration for each particular project, assures timeliness via fast procurement turnaround times and regulates governance by means of well-defined and enforced control mechanisms. It also facilitates proactive vendor management and quick and informed supplier selection by means of continuously updated intelligence regarding vendor pricing and performance.