Northstream provides second opinion on an operator’s TV strategy

Northstream was engaged by a European group operator to provide second opinion on their TV strategy. The operator was facing the external challenges of value chain fragmentation in the TV industry, rising content costs and increasing competition from OTT players such as Netflix, as well as the internal challenges of time to market, legacy systems and way of working, and what market position to take with their own OTT offer.

Northstream analyzed the industry value chain and market trends to assess their implications to the operator’s TV position. Northstream reviewed and provided second opinion on the operator’s TV strategy regarding positioning, differentiation, segmentation and targeting. Specific questions were addressed within the areas of content strategy, analytics, advertising and partnering with other OTT streaming video providers. Last but not least, Northstream identified the different technology scenarios for implementing the strategy and what are the high level vendor and solution requirements that will need to be fulfilled.

As a result of the project, Northstream delivered conclusions and recommendations that will help the operator to strengthen their TV strategy in a number of key areas.