Northstream analyzes Enterprise PBX market.

A European operator needed to improve its understanding of certain aspects of the local enterprise PBX market as part of the strategy work for optimizing the operator’s PBX portfolio. The focus of Northstream’s engagement was to explore both the supply and demand side for PBX solutions as well as key trends impacting the market in the near future.

Northstream studied the PBX solutions and functionalities targeted to SMEs and large enterprises in order to map and analyze providers’ positioning and types of PBX solutions offered to different enterprise segments. In addition, Northstream studied customers’ needs/demands through both research and interviews with resellers and industry experts. Based on the analysis, Northstream identified potential gaps in the operator’s PBX portfolio and areas for improvement to current offerings.

Northstream provided recommendations on how the portfolio gaps can be addressed through new offerings, suggested an approach to improving customer segmentation, as well as outlined key industry trends that will impact the PBX market in the next 1-3 years.