Strategic review for MNO’s Device-unit

A European Mobile Network Operator engaged Northstream to provide them with ongoing support to the function that manages Device-linked matters. The unit was in need of assistance with conducting a strategic review of the unit’s operations in general and also how they were developing specific analytics functions. In particular, our client was interested in having access to Northstream’s subject matter expertise as well as having an external resource that could challenge and drive the stated strategy issues.

Northstream assigned a full-time resource who worked side by side with the client with additional non-operational support from others in Northstream in order to prepare, conduct and analyze the impact from a strategic review of the client’s Device-operations. The work was performed via interviews, workshops, blueprints and user case evaluations as well as external research. The final outcome was a combination of a) a set of strategic recommendations for the Device-unit, b) supporting material for the internal approval of the necessary investments and c) an evaluative report on how the MNO should proceed with the development of their analytics capabilities.