Strategic Outsourcing of Managed Services and Implement a New Operational Model

A leading European Mobile Network Operator was in the process of issuing an RFQ (Request For Quotation) to outsource all of its non-core processes in a managed services engagement and implement a new operating model. The operator invited Northstream to lead the RFQ process, define the pricing model, and assisting in evaluating and all the bids.

Northstream led the development of the commercial and business model for the RFQ process, including defining the Pricing model, facilitating vendor workshops, developing the evaluation model and analysing the Vendor quotations. In addition, the Northstream team drove the different client work streams, through workshops, in order to better plan and implement the internal processes leading through the RFQ stage to the successful transition and transformation phases.

The engagement helped the client successfully issue the RFQ in a very short span, analyse the vendors’ quotations, evaluate the bids, and to select the best managed services partner, and thereby in transitioning its existing operations to a new, leaner model with the selected partner. Additionally, Northstream also supported the client in conducting due diligence workshops, developing a transition and long term transformation plan, and in the final contract negotiations.