Second opinion on strategy and support in value proposition formulation for an IoT platform vendor

Northstream’s client is a global actor within IoT. The client requested Northstream’s advice in providing a second opinion on their growth strategy as well as support in better formulating their value proposition in order to strengthen the client’s position against competitors and better communicate the benefits of the client’s solution.

Northstream started by first gaining understanding of the client’s strategy through interviews and review of provided documentation. Based on our industry knowledge and in a short timeframe, we provided high-level second opinion on the strategy in terms of both overall strengths, weaknesses and gaps, as well as some specific recommendations in areas such as marketing & sales, segmentation, value chain position etc. As a second step, Northstream reviewed the client’s sales material and formulated a value proposition that can be used to better highlight the benefits of the client’s solution and leverage the key strengths that differentiate the client from their competitors.