Procurement of datacenter capacity as a service, for supporting and evaluating long term main site consolidation strategy

Northstream consultants were asked to take responsibility of procuring datacenter capacity as a service, for an European operator. A current main site (one of the most critical nodes in their network), quickly approached end of life, while a new strategy to procure the datacenter capacity as a service had been initiated. This main site was to act as the pilot for this initiative.

The datacenter providers in market provided many challenges, due to the previously unmatched complexity of customer requirements, e.g. the large volume, the technology needs, the uptime requirements and the future scalability needs. Northstream managed to establish a framework that allowed the operator to secure a trustworthy and attractive vendor, capable of delivering according to both the current and the future needs. The financial end result was excellent, due to no upfront investment was required to build a new main site, and monthly operating cost remained at a similar level as with the previous main site.