Network Sharing trends, opportunities and challenges outline

The board and management of an Eastern European mobile operator asked Northstream to outline trends, opportunities and challenges in Network Sharing. The results were delivered in an interactive workshop.
Northstream performed research on trends on a regional basis, outlining momentum of different types of sharing in the markets. In addition, Northstream gathered its experience from working operationally with shared operator JVs and performed interviews with experts on key aspects of setting up network sharing. This included outlining different sharing models, challenges, pitfalls, key success factors etc. An overall assessment on the savings potential of different categories of CAPEX and OPEX was made, linking back to which cost items that were possible to address using which sharing model.
Finally, Northstream assessed the market in which the client operator is active and defined potential scenarios of network sharing that the operator could consider, the upsides and downsides of each scenario in addition to a high level savings potential associated with it.