Northstream analyzes an MNO’s operating model

A European Group MNO asked Northstream to conduct a study on the benefits of centralized and decentralized operating models as well as evaluate how the MNO’s model can be improved to better fit the company’s strategic direction and changing preconditions.

Northstream conducted a number of external in-depth discussions and interactions with industry veterans in CxO positions about their experience on best practices for organizing key functions and the pros and cons of centralized and decentralized models.

Northstream simultaneously interviewed key internal stakeholders at the MNO client – both CxOs from Group functions as well as country CEOs – in order to identify what works well and what are the challenges in the current operating model. In addition, Northstream analyzed costs and headcount for the Group functions, as well as compared them based on public data to those of a key competitor to benchmark performance.

Northstream provided recommendations for improvement regarding the purpose of each Group function, role and mandate etc. as well as overall recommendations that pinpointed key areas to focus on in order to optimise the Group operations.