Northstream analysed and quantified potential upside of network sharing

Two leading European MNOs, who were in the early phases of network sharing discussions, requested Northstream to build a comprehensive business case (including sensitivity analysis and key drivers) network sharing (MOCN) to investigate the potential upsides (financial and strategic) to network sharing and act as a neutral party in facilitating the definition of network sharing scope.

Northstream led the project by,

  • Acting as a neutral part and facilitating the work between the operators
  • Providing financial and technical templates for harmonized data structure
  • Performing a network overlap analysis
  • Doing a financial analysis of both operators RAN costs
  • Developing a model to select sites for dismantling
  • Assessing technology impacts, balanced dismantling, book value changes and timing effects

Northstream’s findings and the presented business case served as primary input to the clients’ Go-NoGo decision to advance their network sharing engagement.