Network Virtualization Project Planning

A leading Telecom group with operations in several European and Asian markets established a global network virtualization initiative and engaged Northstream to lead the initial phase of setting-up the project framework, developing the execution plan, and architecting the overall process transformation to centralize key processes. The Northstream team spearheaded the initiative by drafting an overall project plan by

  • defining the project workstreams,
  • establishing the key roles for the headquarters and the operating companies,
  • describing the objectives, milestones, and success parameters within each of the Workstream, and
  • establishing an overall timeline for the overall project with key milestones.

In addition, Northstream also led a series workshops with the key members of the client’s organization that resulted in Northstream framing the new process framework. The new process framework took advantage of all the benefits and efficiencies resulting from virtualizing various parts of the network by centralizing common processes and consolidating the synergies. Northstream also helped the client’s project team to seamlessly take over the initiative by knowledge sharing. The project resulted in the client having a well-defined project plan, an action plan to drive the project in the short and long term, and a process framework to anchor the internal process transformation.