Network Consolidation: Creating an implementation plan for consolidating two mobile networks considering technological, market-strategic and financial constraints.

A leading mobile operator in a population-rich South Asian country asked Northstream to develop an implementation plan for consolidating two mobile networks in the wake of a merger.

Northstream analyzed different network consolidation scenarios considering expected future traffic of the combined networks, network roll-out strategy as well as constraints such as financial savings targets, go-to-market strategy and technology roadmap. The analysis spanned over the domains RAN (2G, 3G, 4G), Core, BSS and VAS.

The final result summarized quantitative and qualitative findings on the network consolidation strategy, providing suggestions on consolidation strategies and management decision material. It quantified possible OPEX savings, needed CAPEX investment and coverage loss from dismantling of sites. It also outlined dependencies within and between the domains of RAN, Core and BSS. A time plan with a recommended aggregate migration path was given to management as a decision base.