Network Capacity Validation for a Network Sharing Initiative

A leading northern European Mobile Network Operator (MNO) was in the process of establishing a Network Sharing agreement with another MNO and wanted to validate the impact of the partnership on their own network capacity. The operator consulted with Northstream to develop a network capacity model to determine this capacity impact and to identify the capacity constraints and how it would impact their business.

Northstream with its proven capacity model, investigated the available spectrum resources, analysed the network traffic in the recent years, and forecasted the traffic forecast for the short and long term. The forecasts were based on the local market conditions such as smartphone penetration, data demand from consumers, regulatory conditions, and the maturity of the market in terms of mobile technology penetration. Based on the analysis, Northstream modelled the capacity load on the network and scenarios-based simulation of the capacity in order to determine the available capacity or the lack thereof. Northstream presented these results to the client who was able to better understand the impact of the partnership on the network capacity.