Mobile market entry strategy assessment for cable TV and broadband operator

A European cable TV, broadband and telephony operator wanted to explore the possibility to expand its portfolio to also include a mobile offering. The company operates in a market where multi play is omnipresent but not necessarily viewed as a critical component for competitiveness. Northstream was asked to investigate and assess alternative mobile service offering scenarios, their respective fit with the existing product portfolio and the potential effect it would have on the operator’s overall market position, subscriber base, churn rate and financials.
With an emphasis on a virtual network scenario, Northstream analysed, modelled and assessed multiple mobile service offerings, both quantitatively and qualitatively, and developed recommendations on the strategic options available to the operator and the importance (or not) of adding a mobile component to their service portfolio. Material was developed to support the client with stakeholders interactions such as corporate board and potential host operators for a virtual network.