Interim Delivery Manager for MNO’s digital workplace unit

A Global Mobile Network Operator engaged Northstream to provide them with an interim delivery manager for their digital workplace and corporate IT unit. The IT-unit had made a strategic choice to move one of its key positions from one geographical location to another and while a recruitment process was ongoing, they were in need of an interim manager to help them manage and drive their large outsourcing partnership with an IT-supplier. In particular, our client was interested in having an external project manager who could serve as a neutral and effective partner in between the MNO and the IT supplier so that a sensitive partnership wouldn’t be stranded or exposed to any risks during the transition period as well as be able to balance and mitigate multiple stakeholders with different agendas and priorities.

Northstream assigned a full-time resource who worked closely with the client’s IT team as well as with CxO executives within the MNO and the IT supplier in order to lead the outsourcing partnership over a nine months period. The work was carried out onsite in multiple geographical locations with Northstream’s resource managing  all project management-and contract management responsibilities throughout the project. The final outcome was a strengthened and improved outsourcing partnership with the IT-supplier as well as a recruitment and onboarding of a new, permanent new delivery manager.