Evaluating growth opportunities for a niched mobile operator

Northstream’s client is a young and niched European mobile operator that addresses enterprise customers with special requirements (e.g. need for coverage in low populated areas). As part of the client’s strategic planning process, Northstream was asked to assist in mapping and evaluating domestic and international growth opportunities as well as how to build long-term value in the business. 

To begin with, Northstream mapped the domestic growth opportunities, e.g. potential targets for M&A, partnership or new business prospects. For each of these companies Northstream provided high-level description (e.g. assets, financials, products etc.) and an assessment of the potential areas of synergy. Next, Northstream assessed the international growth opportunities with focus on a particular country of interest. We reviewed what spectrum assets are available (through auction, M&A or partnership) that can be used to enter the market as well as what is the customer landscape and potential steps in building the business over time.

As a result, Northstream delivered a report that can be used by the client in their decision making process. The findings were presented to the client’s management.