IT department spin-out plan assessment for operator

Business and Operational Support Systems (BSS and OSS) enable a network operator’s (MNO) customer facing functions such as billing and product management, and the management of network resources respectively. This market is increasingly dominated by large, global players strong in enterprise software or network infrastructure. The market is transitioning to more flexible and open source solutions. To better understand the opportunity to spin out an in-house developed portfolio of solutions, a MNO Group asked Northstream to assess the capabilities of their solution in the context of the competition and the development of the market.

Northstream identified and assessed potential go to market paths within the capabilities of the MNOs solutions. A wide range of BSS/OSS buyers, sellers and consultants were interviewed to gain a global view on the different opportunities matching the capabilities of the client. Northstream discovered high barriers to entry and sales process challenges for some go to market paths but was able to validate an alternative path. Strategic guidance was provided to support the client towards a successful spin-out and commercial launch.