Analysis of possible transition timeline for the 700 MHz spectrum

A major European TV broadcaster asked Northstream to conduct an objective analysis of the factors influencing the transition timeline to release the 700 MHz band from TV broadcasting use to instead be deployed for mobile broadband. Given the debate between vested interests, the client wanted an independent view on what a realistic timeline for this transition would be.

Northstream researched relevant timeline-affecting aspects from both the TV and the mobile broadband standpoint. The analysis included the assessment of requirements on operators to meet the growing demand for mobile data, the role of international coordination for aligned cross-border spectrum use and the constraints on broadcasters to assure TV service continuity. The research findings and assessments were combined with external expert interviews.

The result of the analysis was an indication of which timeline “window” a transition of the spectrum use from TV to broadband is practically and commercially feasible. The study includes assessments of the urgency for more spectrum for mobile broadband deployments and the role international coordination plays in the preparation of this transition.