Analysis of Omnichannel and Single Customer View for telecom operators

Northstream performed an independent study, commissioned by a CRM platform vendor to evaluate the potential business benefits of Omnichannel and Single Customer View (SCV). The study included a cross-industry perspective, where Northstream conducted extensive interviews and complimentary research in the retail and finance industry.

The research and lessons learned from the vertical industries served as indicators of where telecom operators may be able to realize business benefits. Northstream was able to correlate, analyze and quantify these benefits from the mobile operator’s standpoint. To validate both the quantification method and the results, several interviews were conducted with the operator community as well as industry experts. These interviews contextualized the impact of Omnichannel and SCV from an operator’s perspective and help refine Northstream’s conclusions.

As a result, Northstream described the most relevant Omnichannel-related business benefits for telecom operators, both in quantitative and qualitative terms. Northstream’s deliverable formed part of the client’s marketing collateral and product development efforts.