Addressable Market Sizing: Northstream assesses and quantifies the future prospects of purpose-built industrial smart devices.

Following the international launch of its new industrial smart device, the client approached Northstream to conduct a comprehensive market sizing exercise with a view to credibly quantify the global potential of industrial smart devices.

Northstream’s approach and methodology involved a deep and wide analysis of research material from a variety of sources such as market intelligence, interviews with the client’s sales teams, interviews with industry stakeholders/experts, etc. The main goal of the analysis was to understand the dynamics, opportunities and challenges affecting the purpose-built device market across various industry verticals and regional markets; and contrast these with the projected market intelligence estimates.

As a result, Northstream provided the client with a best of breed assessment of the addressable market size for industrial smart devices in consideration of the prevalent regional and cultural dynamics related to Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), consumerisation, price pressures, global competition, Line of Business (LOB) applications development, enterprise service integration, etc.