5G Spectrum auction support for a European operator

A major European mobile operator tasked Northstream with evaluating the capabilities of the spectrum bands that were to be auctioned off by the national regulator in an upcoming auction and were to be assigned to 5G services.

Northstream carried out a detailed analysis on the global standardization, ecosystem development and 5G potential of the spectrum bands in question. Also, the anticipated spectrum pricing in the country was benchmarked against comparable markets in which 5G spectrum had already taken place. Moreover, Northstream provided a second opinion on the client’s own 5G spectrum strategy. In its analysis, Northstream emphasized the strategic importance of some of the bands in the context of delivering 5G services, as well as highlighted the potentially problematic consequences of not acquiring particular bands during the auction.

Using Northstream’s advice, the operator client was able to thoroughly prepare for the auction and make an informed judgment on what spectrum bands were especially crucial for them to acquire in order to adequately address the future requirements of 5G.