5G Analysis: drivers and impact of 5G in 2018-2022

As the telecom community prepares for the introduction of 5G, there is a lot of discussion about what are the needs/drivers for 5G and the opportunities this next generation of mobile technology will create. The client, an investment management firm with shareholdings in the TMT industry, engaged Northstream to provide an independent view and analysis on the impact of 5G on the telecom industry and its various stakeholders in the next five years.

The analysis included strategic aspects such as:

  • Providing a technology overview of 5G, the timeline for adoption (including regional differences) as well as the impact on mobile networks (i.e. network evolution path).
  • Analyzing the main 5G use cases (Enhanced Mobile Broadband, IoT, Fixed Wireless Access) and the revenue opportunities these use cases present to mobile network operators as part of identifying the need/main drivers for deploying 5G. In addition, we analyzed operator’s expected 5G investments in the context of the overall revenue trends in key regions and operators’ CAPEX considerations.
  • Assessing the impact of 5G on the mobile infrastructure market (e.g. operators’ considerations in vendor selection).
  • Providing conclusions and recommendations relevant to the impact 5G will have on the client’s holdings – based on analysis of the key factors that will shape the market in the next 5 years.

The engagement was based on Northstream research and industry knowledge and experience, and complemented with insights from interviews with CxO level executives accross the industry.