2020 Strategy Support: Northstream identifies major industry disruptions for 2020 and their impact

A major telecom actor asked for Northstream’s assistance as part of the support work for defining their strategy for 2020. The objective was to analyze potential industry disruptions that will affect telecommunications in the years to 2020 and their impact on the client, both as a threat and/or opportunity.

Northstream identified the areas where potential disruptions will likely originate (such as Regulation, Industry/Market, Technology etc.) and conducted a number of internal workshops to brainstorm hypotheses based on industry experience and insights.  The hypotheses were further refined and validated through research. As a result, Northstream identified a number of trends forming the “baseline” scenario for the industry evolution and a number of potential disruptions with high impact.

Northstream provided conclusions regarding the impact of the disruptions and what threat and/or opportunity they present to the client’s customers, business model, market position etc. A number of role model companies were also identified in terms of technology leadership, customer focus, adaptation to change and business model.

The client will use Northstream’s findings on potential industry disruptions as part of the support work for defining their strategy for 2020.