In the news – Nokia, BlackBerry, Motorola search for lost glory

“All those historic handset makers like Nokia, Motorola and BlackBerry completely missed the boat when the smartphone arrived,” said Bengt Nordstrom, head of the Swedish consultancy Northstream. “They missed the touch screen step.” Finland’s Nokia, Canada’s BlackBerry and the United States’ Motorola; they all lost a lot of money in 2013. Nokia’s handset business, in […]
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Published February 26, 2014.

White papers

Operational Models: Change is a Must

This Northstream white paper discusses ways that operators can adjust their operational models to adapt to a changing business climate. In an industry of legacy organizations, operators are having a difficult time being agile enough to keep pace with the quickly changing mobile communications landscape. We take a look at the way that a couple of new-entry operators have designed a very efficient business model, and how this can be applied on a larger scale.
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Who’s afraid of the big bad data roaming?

Well, 94% of EU citizens apparently are. Since the establishment of the EU Single Market over 20 years ago, the region has grown into a market of 500+ million people.  The telecom market has evolved significantly during this time, but the EU regulation has somewhat failed to keep up with this development to serve the […]
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In-market consolidation – more critical than crossing borders

Some argue that European operators need bigger scale, achieved through cross-border consolidation, in order to become global players and increase their ability to invest and expand. Consolidation through M&As seems inevitable in Europe, but before greeting potential cross-border consolidation, it appears that in-country consolidation is the next (and more viable) step, much to the objection of telecom regulators or competition authorities.
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In the news – Tele2 in 4G talks with Norway’s new entrant

Moreover, according to Reuters’ sources, Access is speaking to Norway’s biggest operators – Telenor and TeliaSonera – about potential network-sharing deals. Bengt Nordstrom, CEO of Northstream, a technology consultancy, told Mobile World Live at the time of the auction result that Telco Data would have its work cut out without external help. “It’s almost mission impossible to make such […]
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Published February 6, 2014.

In the news – AsiaInfo nets two nominations in new global awards

Independent research conducted by consultants at Northstream shows that mobile operators in Western Europe could increase annual data revenues by about €4 billion by giving customers greater control of their use and spend. The research also identified potential savings of more than €540 million annually in customer care costs. The COPC is a centralized BSS system […]
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Published January 23, 2014.

In the news

Reuters – Microsoft considers Ericsson CEO for top job: report

“I don’t think it’s very likely that they will choose Vestberg,” said Bengt Nordstrom, head of Swedish telecoms consultancy Northstream. “It’s more logical that they will find a U.S. leader, from their network of owners, board members and experienced CEOs with a software, enterprise and media background. There’s enough with talent and experience in the […]
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Published January 16, 2014.

In the news – Opinion: Operational models must and will change in 2014

By Bengt Nordström, CEO of telecoms industry consultants Northstream. Group mobile operators have enjoyed huge profits from built-up global operations. However, this cannot be relied on anymore due to the saturation of mobile markets. It is generally believed that larger operations deliver scale and synergy; and steel operators for increased competition.Some scale advantages do exist, […]
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Published January 10, 2014.