Engagements, Sourcing

Operator single- and multi- vendor strategy analysis

Northstream performed an analysis of operator vendor strategies in single vs. multi vendor in the area of Radio Access Networks. Northstream created an analysis framework with sourcing process, evaluation method and argumentation support. Northstream provided arguments both for and against single vendor setup and put these arguments in the context of the type of process, […]
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Published July 7, 2011.

Engagements, Sourcing, Transformation

Management of outsourcing process for cost savings and efficiency gains

A global telecom operator was transforming its operating model from an execution-oriented to a more governance-oriented model, and outsourcing all on-site related activities for fixed and mobile networks in one of its markets. Northstream built the RFQ process, evaluated and negotiated proposals, and managed internal governance and decision processes. Key targets of cost savings, efficiency gains and staff transfers were fulfilled.
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Published May 25, 2011.