Per Stenström


Per Stenström joined Northstream in 2005 and has a broad experience in managing high impact sourcing and strategy projects in the telecom industry. Per’s key focus has been heading the Strategy practice at Northstream which includes sales, overseeing the strategy projects and managing the methodology development. His professional experience prior to joining Northstream includes working as an internal consultant for a mobile operator on post merger integration. Per holds a M.Sc. in Industrial Engineering and Management from Linköping Institute of Technology.

Insights by Per

You’ve got to know when to hold ‘em

I guess nobody’s missed it – The smartphone era is upon us. Towards the end of 2010 we saw operators in some countries reaching 90% of new sales being smartphones. Penetration is rapidly increasing in light of share of sales and operators can no longer choose to be or not to be in the smartphone […]
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Tomorrow never knows

The numbers are in! End of last week Samsung completed the list of Q3 reporting from the big ones (except RIM who has a different reporting cycle). Before the reports a few of us had a quick back-of-the-envelope exercise predicting the results of device volumes. The results are shown in Figure 1 below (closest bet […]
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Here we go again. Sitting at an airport outside any given Northern European city. Carry-on bags, delayed flights, stale beer and perfume smelling at 30 meters away from the tax free shop. I can’t help noticing a recent addition to this familiar frame; People searching and standing in line for power outlets to charge their […]
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Another brick in the wall

Monday morning news wrap turned my eyes to a special item: Major operator groups launching own mobile OS to compete with Android and iOS. As I’ve written in previous blog posts on Android, operator interference in the world of apps and OS offered to end users aren’t always warmly embraced (See I should have known […]
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I should have known better

With the risk of sounding like a broken record with my Android experiences I just can’t let this one piece of news slide. Early August, when the launch of Android version 2.2 was imminent, HTC Desire users of Vodafone UK (as many others) were eager to get the update. When it eventually arrived, disappointment ensued. […]
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Here, there, but not everywhere

Last weekend I got the Android 2.2 update to my HTC Desire. First, let’s run through all the good things with that experience; It was automatically pushed but still asked whether I wanted it or not. It also asked over which type of connection I wanted to download it to avoid me getting ripped off […]
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Come together

There’s this thing that’s been nagging my mind for quite some time that I need to get out there. I believe that Western Europe has seen a return to differentiation based on fundamental network characteristics. The last two years’ boom in mobile broadband has seen operators’ splash cash on billboards about who’s got the fastest, […]
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We can work it out

A few weeks ago we posted a comment on how operators should approach mobile advertising utilizing their unique assets (see blog post: Mobile Advertising – Who’s got a ticket to ride). While we firmly believe that operators should make an effort to capture revenue and be part of this important ecosystem we also believe that […]
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