Jonas Twingler


Jonas co-founded Northstream in 1998 and has since then managed the operations and consulting activities of the company in its various shapes and ownership structures. Jonas has been engaged in the telecom and wireless industry since the mid 80s and possesses a wide range of experiences, ranging over both technical and business related aspects with both operators and manufacturers in various international environments. Prior to Northstream he has held various positions at Celcore/DSC (USA), ETSI (France) and TeliaSonera (Sweden).

Insights by Jonas

The Fool On The Hill

Here we go again. Engineered by the Company’s marketing team, brought to the lime light by some “useful idiots” in media and gulped just like that by the unwitting crowds, in long lines doing high fives while waiting. And sad to say, I’m one of them. In my defense I can say I made a […]
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