Bengt Nordström


Bengt co-founded Northstream in 1998 and is since then the CEO of the company. He has previously held the position as CTO and Executive Director of Smartone in Hong Kong. Other management positions include Ericsson, Comviq and Netcom consultants. Bengt has also held a position in the Executive Committee of the GSM Association as well as chairing the GSM Association Asia Pacific Interest Group. Bengt is an acknowledged telecom industry thought leader that is frequently invited as speaker and moderator in conferences and strategy workshops.

Insights by Bengt

Sympathy for the Devil…?

Please allow me to introduce…, or rather bore you with a blog post that is mainly intended to sort out (for myself) all the things that go through my head when I study Apple’s recent court victory over Samsung. There are a few things that I find quite interesting with this case, so let me […]
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Objects may appear larger than they are…

Over the last couple of weeks there have been a number of media reports (e.g. The Economist: Who’s afraid of Huawei?) suggesting that Huawei has become the biggest telecom vendor in the world. The basis for these claims are the H1 financial reporting which reveals that Huawei revenues (2012 H1 ~16.2B$) have surpassed Ericsson (2012 […]
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You can’t always get what you want

I cannot get this Google tax idea out of my head. It was announced this week that Vodafone joins Telefonica and other big Telcos in lobbying efforts to get EU approval to charge on-line content providers for the services they provide to Telco customers. The supposed logic is that these on-line services generate so much […]
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Vamos a la Fira, oh o-o-o-oh

I admit it upfront, this is my 20th Mobile World Congress (missed the one in Nice 1991, wonder why, now I remember, I was busy building a GSM network). 650 people at the first one I attended in Rome (we thought it was huge) and now probably close to 50.000 people. I’m not alone doing […]
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