Bengt Nordström


Bengt co-founded Northstream in 1998 and is since then the CEO of the company. He has previously held the position as CTO and Executive Director of Smartone in Hong Kong. Other management positions include Ericsson, Comviq and Netcom consultants. Bengt has also held a position in the Executive Committee of the GSM Association as well as chairing the GSM Association Asia Pacific Interest Group. Bengt is an acknowledged telecom industry thought leader that is frequently invited as speaker and moderator in conferences and strategy workshops.

Insights by Bengt

The show must go on

Once again, the big one in the mobile communication industry, the Mobile World Congress, is approaching and this time, the nowadays behemoth-sized event is yet again bigger than ever before. As industry professionals across the world are finalizing their preparations for the event, more than 100.000 visitors will soon land in Barcelona and enter the […]
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From 3GSM to IoTernity

There is always something to celebrate at Mobile World Congress. This is the 12th time it’s being hosted by Barcelona, and the Mobile World Capital is thus leaving Cannes on the French Riviera safely behind in the record books. Though some of us have very fond memories of Cannes, perhaps because the industry was smaller […]
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5 reasons why EU should change their view on consolidation

Over the last years we have had an interesting situation in Europe where Mobile Operators in a number of cases have merged and thereby consolidated their respective markets. Notable cases are Austria, Ireland and Germany which have all gone from 4 to 3 player markets. In November 2014, Margrethe Vestager succeeded Joaquín Almunia as European […]
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Men in Black XXVII

It is time again for the yearly pilgrimage to Barcelona for the Mobile World Congress. Last year the 5G hype cycle began with several interest groups making their 5G plans known ahead of the expected standardization. It was also a year when the Internet of Things was high on the agenda, and in particular launches […]
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Do opinions weigh more than facts?

At the Concurrences’ New Frontiers of Antitrust conference in Paris on Monday this week, the EU Antitrust Commissioner Margrethe Vestager stated that she is against operator market consolidation as there is no evidence that it leads to increased infrastructure investments. On the contrary, she stated infrastructure investments can be stimulated by increased competition citing operator […]
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When I wish upon a star…

It’s that time of the year again, time for the mobile communication industry’s biggest affair – the Mobile World Congress. It’s the 25th time I make the journey to discuss industry happenings and meet our global clients. The Mobile World Congress has evolved from an “intimate” gathering of some five-six hundred mobile executives to being THE place […]
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International moaning.

In general I believe that the mobile industry and its ecosystem is functioning quite well. Throughout all the links in the value chain, from chipmakers all the way to service providers, we have intense competition. The best evidence of how well it is functioning is the fact that we have mobile networks in practically all […]
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A zillion connected devices, or…?

I’m not sure how it all started but from my records I can see that in 2008 IDC projected that there would be about 15 billion connected devices in 2015, in 2009 the GSMA stated that it expected 50 billion connected devices by 2025, and the same year Verizon claimed that 500% wireless penetration is […]
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By Bengt Nordström, CEO of telecoms industry consultants Northstream. Group mobile operators have enjoyed huge profits from built-up global operations. However, this cannot be relied on anymore due to the saturation of mobile markets. It is generally believed that larger operations deliver scale and synergy; and steel operators for increased competition.Some scale advantages do exist, […]
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4G or not 4G? There’s something rotten in the state of Europe

Tax is always a debated topic, and there tend to always be two (or more) sides of the coin. Taxes are sometimes used to drive behaviour away from unhealthy activities, such as consuming alcohol or tobacco. And often it works, Swedes’ alcohol consumption (at least inside Sweden’s borders…) is a typical example of where taxation […]
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