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Telecoms.com – Charting the route to 5G success

In this article Bengt Nordstrom, CEO of telecoms consultancy Northstream, assesses some of the key things telcos need to be aware of if they want to make the most of the 5G era. 5G promises exponentially faster speeds, higher capacity, lower latency and more throughput than today’s networks. It will use existing LTE standards and technology […]
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Spectrum strategy, evaluation and business case support

Europe is going through re-farming and re-allocation of cellular spectrum as 2G licenses expire, also new mobile broadband spectrum is being issued in digital dividend and higher spectrum bands. A fixed/mobile operator on mainland Europe asked Northstream to support in the preparations for a mobile spectrum auction. Northstream provided support in re-validating the business opportunity […]
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Wi-Fi – From backstage to centrefold

One recent and interesting curiosity is how quickly new devices can change usage patterns [read: increase internet traffic even more]. It is claimed that mobile devices accumulate approx. 8% of the total internet traffic today (noting that the traffic generated by mobile devices can also be carried over a fixed network), and tablet type devices […]
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Assessment of Wi-Fi impact on Mobile Broadband

Wi-Fi has a well established position as a key consumer and enterprise technology. The growth of Wi-Fi take up shows no signs of saturation – during 2010 we saw the Wi-Fi chipset shipments growing by 25% from 2009. Over half of residential broadband subscribers have Wi-Fi network at home. Players in the telecom sector need […]
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