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Light Reading – Open Sores: Are Telcos on a Collision Course With Vendors?

It is already clear that open source and the technologies surrounding it will up-end parts of the telecom industry. What remains uncertain is whether it can address some of the particular needs of the telecom sector, and just how much upheaval it will cause. The prospect of AT&T as a global technology vendor — or […]
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White papers

Operational Models: Change is a Must

This Northstream white paper discusses ways that operators can adjust their operational models to adapt to a changing business climate. In an industry of legacy organizations, operators are having a difficult time being agile enough to keep pace with the quickly changing mobile communications landscape. We take a look at the way that a couple of new-entry operators have designed a very efficient business model, and how this can be applied on a larger scale.
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Network enhancement value argumentation for major vendor

Northstream was engaged to define and enhance the sales positioning for a global vendor on the positive effects of investing in fiber, communication services and convergent initiatives, as well as related service enablers. To clearly communicate such effects, Northstream conducted a case study-based analysis on operators who have been able to create ARPU/EBITDA growth or […]
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