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Capacity Magazine – Smart Routes to Smart City Business: Why Carriers Must Court Partners

Bengt Nordström, CEO of strategic consultancy Northstream, believes carriers need to carve out their markets quickly if they don’t want to be pigeonholed or left behind. For Nordström, pragmatic areas to focus on include network adaption, particularly encompassing indoor coverage and developing platforms that enable services. They should look to others who are leading the […]
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The show must go on

Once again, the big one in the mobile communication industry, the Mobile World Congress, is approaching and this time, the nowadays behemoth-sized event is yet again bigger than ever before. As industry professionals across the world are finalizing their preparations for the event, more than 100.000 visitors will soon land in Barcelona and enter the […]
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Smart Buildings: the heart of a Smart City

While the majority of buildings around the world do not have the necessary equipment in place to be considered “smart”, the main actors in the real estate industry (e.g. property owners, facility managers, building tenants, etc.) still have a certain set of needs that require smart solutions for addressing them. These solutions mainly include services that are aimed […]
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Telecoms.com – Ten telecoms predictions for 2018

3. 3.5 GHz will be the primary band for 5G Telecoms consultancy Northstream believes the 3.5 GHz band occupies the 5G sweet-spot. The mmWave band, popular for pre-5G FWA deployments, presents challenges with mobility support and providing consistent user experience, while sub-1 GHz spectrum is occupied with previous generations of mobile technologies and is not […]
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Mobile World Live – Blog: Is it time to take consumer IoT seriously?

Bengt Nordstrom, CEO of analyst company Northstream, told MWL other operators would be carefully monitoring the success of Vodafone’s model. He added a mixture of improvements in battery life, networks and consumer awareness of new technology meant the time could be right for a serious consumer IoT push from many of the world’s largest operators. “Until now […]
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#4 – IoT drives AI to the edge

Although cloud-based AI has been taking the centre stage of media attention, there is another type of simpler and distributed AI emerging – edge AI, driven by the demand from various IoT applications. Running simpler AI on the device itself brings many advantages such as reducing data consumption and providing low latency for real-time decision […]
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Enterprise guide to connectivity technologies for IoT

Northstream was engaged by an international IoT connectivity supplier to author a report to help enterprises select the most suitable connectivity technology for the Internet of Things. Northstream’s report offered a comprehensive review of traditional cellular 2G/3G/4G/, Low Power Wide Area, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and more to guide companies towards the optimal choice for each use […]
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