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#5 – A new category of operator owners arise with focus on sustainable cash generation rather than revenue growth

It has taken half a decade to get here, but with Europe on the doorstep of the next generation of mobile communications, we believe regulators’ arguments for sustaining four-player mobile markets in the interest of consumers have finally become too weak. Consolidation is a must in order to create sustainable operators with capital available to […]
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Total Telecom – 2 M&A in 2018 – T-Mobile and Sprint merger is just the beginning

“The European market is long overdue for consolidation. As Europe continues to take its cues from the US, this might lead regulators to recognise the opportunity these mergers present to the market and approve consolidation in the EU,” said Bengt Nordstrom, CEO of Northstream. Whether or not the European Commission relaxes its rules on consolidation, […]
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