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Light Reading – EC Signs Off Tele2, T-Mobile Merger in Netherlands

Bengt Nordström, the CEO of consulting company Northstream, says European regulators have for a long time been too consumer-focused in their policymaking, leaving European markets with too many small players. “We have consistently invested less [than US operators] in network upgrades over the last five to seven years and have continued to invest less because […]
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#5 – A new category of operator owners arise with focus on sustainable cash generation rather than revenue growth

It has taken half a decade to get here, but with Europe on the doorstep of the next generation of mobile communications, we believe regulators’ arguments for sustaining four-player mobile markets in the interest of consumers have finally become too weak. Consolidation is a must in order to create sustainable operators with capital available to […]
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Total Telecom – 2 M&A in 2018 – T-Mobile and Sprint merger is just the beginning

“The European market is long overdue for consolidation. As Europe continues to take its cues from the US, this might lead regulators to recognise the opportunity these mergers present to the market and approve consolidation in the EU,” said Bengt Nordstrom, CEO of Northstream. Whether or not the European Commission relaxes its rules on consolidation, […]
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From 3GSM to IoTernity

There is always something to celebrate at Mobile World Congress. This is the 12th time it’s being hosted by Barcelona, and the Mobile World Capital is thus leaving Cannes on the French Riviera safely behind in the record books. Though some of us have very fond memories of Cannes, perhaps because the industry was smaller […]
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Strategy Analysis: Fixed-Mobile Convergence

With the trend of consolidation and fixed-mobile convergence (FMC) across Europe, many Communication Service Providers (CSPs) are examining the relevance of this trend to their business. The client commissioned Northstream to formulate a strategic framework considering various FMC scenarios and drivers. Northstream’s methodology set out to firstly define a set of potential strategic options to […]
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In-market consolidation – more critical than crossing borders

Some argue that European operators need bigger scale, achieved through cross-border consolidation, in order to become global players and increase their ability to invest and expand. Consolidation through M&As seems inevitable in Europe, but before greeting potential cross-border consolidation, it appears that in-country consolidation is the next (and more viable) step, much to the objection of telecom regulators or competition authorities.
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