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Affärsvärlden – Enorma förväntningar

Utsikterna förbättras inte av att många av världens operatörer går på knäna. När andra generationens mobilsystem lanserades var operatörerna snabbt växande och mycket lönsamma. Så ser det inte längre ut. William Webb är inte ensam om att peka på operatörernas svaga lönsamhet som en förklaring till att 5g kan dröja. Bengt Nordström, vd på managmentkonsultbolaget […]
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Light Reading – Orange Sees ‘Peak’ Capex in 2018/19, Ups 2017 Guidance

While European operators such as Germany’s Deutsche Telekom AG (NYSE: DT) have warned investors that spending on 5G rollout across Europe could amount to hundreds of billions of dollars, not all analysts are convinced the arrival of 5G will trigger a surge in operator spending. The use of lower spectrum bands — providing better wide-area […]
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#4 – Infrastructure vendors’ market shares stabilize and price pressure eases

Infrastructure vendors’ have had challenging years where profit margins have been squeezed and market shares redistributed as the 4G roll out swept across the world. For the coming years we see the bulk of network investments taking place in existing installation upgrades rather than new roll outs. We also believe that operators are keen to […]
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Technical due diligence on a European mobile operator

As part of their strategy reassessment, the client invited Northstream to carry out a technical due diligence that would serve to validate the technical aspects of their business plan (BP). The objectives of the assignment were to appraise the client’s capability to deliver the goals set out in the BP by reviewing the client’s network […]
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Procurement of datacenter capacity as a service, for supporting and evaluating long term main site consolidation strategy

Northstream consultants were asked to take responsibility of procuring datacenter capacity as a service, for an European operator. A current main site (one of the most critical nodes in their network), quickly approached end of life, while a new strategy to procure the datacenter capacity as a service had been initiated. This main site was […]
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