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Light Reading – Bill Shock: Orange, China Telecom Fret About 5G Energy Costs

Others remain skeptical of the broad AI sales pitch. The label is often used as an umbrella term for technologies that do not strictly qualify as artificially intelligent, they say. Northstream experts are unconvinced by a general vendor argument that 5G networks will be too complex to manage without AI. In that context, the technology is unlikely […]
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The show must go on

Once again, the big one in the mobile communication industry, the Mobile World Congress, is approaching and this time, the nowadays behemoth-sized event is yet again bigger than ever before. As industry professionals across the world are finalizing their preparations for the event, more than 100.000 visitors will soon land in Barcelona and enter the […]
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#4 – IoT drives AI to the edge

Although cloud-based AI has been taking the centre stage of media attention, there is another type of simpler and distributed AI emerging – edge AI, driven by the demand from various IoT applications. Running simpler AI on the device itself brings many advantages such as reducing data consumption and providing low latency for real-time decision […]
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Market expansion strategy for edge AI

Northstream’s client is an AI firm focused on developing in-device AI capabilities for a range of applications, leveraging AI on the edge to limit dependency on connectivity. The client engaged Northstream to assist them in developing a market expansion strategy, and to recommend solutions for a scalability challenge which was limiting production capabilities. Northstream analysed […]
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The convergence of AI and IoT, are we there yet?

Nja, or yes and no. AI is converging with IoT, at least in the context of big data. Machine learning is applied to the massive amount of data collected by IoT devices to identify patterns and detect anomalies. It could be argued that many IoT applications will be worthless without AI to derive value from […]
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#2 – Speech Recognition goes mainstream, but Europe is left in the dark

In 2017, Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) will approach maturity and go from hype to everyday life, from a niche market technology to mainstream adoption. It will have broad applications and a huge impact on both smartphone and IOT devices. However, in stark contrast to historical trends, Europe will trail behind the US and China in […]
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