The Nordic startup scene is more exciting than ever! Through our recent client engagements we have seen an increasingly vibrant and innovative startup scene in the Nordics, with several hubs and accelerators offering opportunities for financing and networking. This is prosperous and very important for continued growth on our ICT market!

To support this development, Northstream has launched a Business Acceleration program that we believe can contribute a great deal to various startups. Having experiences from launching our own startup, and supporting many more, we know the value of getting advice early on from an experienced management consulting firm for second opinion upon business plans, go to market strategies or perhaps various partner selection scenarios. We are also fully aware that the daily rates normally charged for these kinds of services could be hard to manage before having a running business established. The Upstream Business Acceleration program of Northstream is intended to remove that threshold for selected and promising startups, by offering our services with a different financial model (e.g. nominal low rates), since we believe there is also a long-term value for us in doing this!

Who should apply and be part of this?

You have the winning idea and global ambitions, you are a startup/growth company on the ICT market and you have preferably passed the seed capital stage together with your investors. You have a software/hardware product within ICT, or are offering services for service providers.

If you recognize yourself in the above description, Northstream welcomes you to get in touch! We will make an assessment from our viewpoint and through discussions with you select a few companies we believe could benefit the most from our services, and assist you in understanding and evaluating opportunities, avoiding pit falls and finding the optimal position in the global ICT industry. And, of course, ultimately helping you in finding a way to succeed in the market place!

Together we will release the future!

Through this initiative Northstream hopes that we together can continue to nourish the ICT industry, on our home market as well as on the international scene. This will in the long run be beneficial for all of us that are active in the Nordics.

How to apply?

To apply, please email us the following:

  • A short description of your company and business
  • Key business goals for the next 12 months
  • Top three topics where Upstream could support
  • Contact details

Apply or ask more information about the program:



Companies we have worked with:

Instabridge is building a global wifi-first mobile operator. Its wifi network is made up of wifi spots shared by its own users. It currently has 5m users and is growing quickly in emerging markets such as Brazil, Mexico and India.

  • Springworks is providing a white label SaaS to Telcos enabling them a connected car offering to car owners as well as an eco system to service providers (such as Repair, Parking, Insurance, Road Side Assistance and more)
  • Springworks Mission is ”Connecting all car owners with the service they deserve, through an infrastructure they already trust”
  • Springworks first customer is Telia Company on the Nordic and baltic markets who in 2016 launched Telia Sense on top of Springworks solution.

Floud is developing a mobile-first ticket office that is disrupting how people organize and experience events. 

Floud combines a truly engaging viral promotion platform with a light and low-cost sales channel.

Xoanon Analytics optimizes segmentation models by bridging market research and behavior data through easy to integrate big data technology.

Equipped with Xoanon’s unique tools, that go beyond reactive business reporting, companies are able to fully monetize and operationalize their data through precise offerings and communication, as well as optimizing ROI on commercial investments.

Ukkoverkot is a wireless data operator that designs, produces and sells dedicated high quality connectivity solutions. Company maintains 4G LTE mobile data network that covers all of Finland. Ukkoverkot operates through two service and solution brands, Ukkoworks and Ukkonet. They are dedicated to serve different customer segments and needs that vary from company and critical customers to rural areas and end customers around Finland. Both solution brands utilize the unique wireless network assets, based on the modern, global LTE standard.

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