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Who we are

Northstream is a boutique consulting firm dedicated to serve international clients  – we are partner-owned, perceptive and agile strategic advisors with offices in Stockholm and Helsinki.

Everything we do at Northstream is done with the intent of being the most respected and influential Nordic-based advisor on mobile communications.

This is a demanding aspiration, but we have come a long way, consistently delivering the highest level of impact for our clients. Bengt Nordström – one of our founders – is one of the industry’s most influential experts with global prominence.

Your career at Northstream

At Northstream you will be part of a skilled and experienced team with colleagues eager to help and share knowledge. Together we challenge mind-sets, develop bold ideas and improve performance. You, like everyone else at Northstream, are a highly talented, perceptive and motivated individual who deliver innovative thinking and business-changing recommendations. You will be given the tools, support and freedom to learn and grow your career at Northstream. We believe in recognizing and rewarding achievements, therefore your development and career path is evaluated every six months to cater for a competence- and performance based advancement in our company. No matter your present level at Northstream, your casework will consist of diverse and challenging projects that have a high impact on our clients’ businesses and a positive impact on your career development.

Our career ladder and consulting roles include the following:

  • Analyst- Typically less than three years of work experience and a master’s degree.
  • Consultant- Typically three to five years of consulting or telecom experience.
  • Senior Consultant- Typically four to six years of consulting or telecom experience.
  • Manager, Senior Manager, Director- We generally do not hire directly into these roles, instead we prefer and expect those already onboard to strive for and grow into these positions over time and through stunning performance.

At Northstream you will work with a wide range of complex projects in business and technology for both domestic as well as international clients. Typical projects include strategy development, planning and evaluation, strategic sourcing, operational improvement, reorganization and transformation, as well as market analysis and investment related due diligences. As a consultant at Northstream you will be a part of a highly respected and influential advisor on mobile communications and other TMT areas.
In this role you will work with the management level of our clients’ organizations to deliver high-quality, accurate, and timely results that have an impact on a global scale. At Northstream you will be part of an international team consisting of highly motivated and genuinely skilled individuals. Our fast paced environment requires a steep learning curve, and very soon you will be trusted with – and expected to – develop and drive creative solutions and contribute to Northstream’s growth and advancement. You’ll be challenged to develop your competencies and knowledge, and trusted with the freedom to find ways to strengthen the course of your own – and the company’s – development.

We are looking for candidates who have:
• 3-4 years of experience from a leading management consultancy
• A Master’s degree in Business and/or Engineering
• Fluency in English
• Analytical, conceptual, and leadership skills
• Ability to understand, break down and communicate complex business issues
• Perceptiveness, sense of humour, and good interpersonal skills
• Strong character and guts to give honest advice
• Entrepreneurial spirit and an interest to continuously learn
• Aspiration to become one of the best!

Apply by sending us your CV and letter of motivation to career@northstream.se