Lei Shi

Senior Manager & Head of Technology

Lei has an international background and extensive research experience in wireless communication industry. Recent engagements include strategy review and value proposition for a IoT connectivity platform; market potential analysis of cloud based core networks: advising and supporting client in preparing technical evidences for tribunal hearing on spectrum acquisition deal; investigating the competition landscape for a telecom analytics startup company.

Before joining Northstream he worked at Orange Lab in Paris and Ericsson Eurolab in Aachen as post-doctoral researcher focusing on 5G related subjects. During his PhD, Lei has worked in several major EU FP7 projects and provided contribution to PTS and ECC regulation frameworks on spectrum issues in TV broadcasting band. He has also investigated the spectrum requirement for V2V and M2M communications. Lei has a keen interest in identifying trends in the developments of wireless and multimedia technologies.

Lei holds a PhD degree in Telecommunication from KTH Royal Institute of Technology and received entrepreneurship training in European Institute of Innovation and Technology Doctoral School.

Insights by Lei

“Give something to get something”

Smart city is no longer just a topic about the future. Many ‘smart’ / digital services are already operational today, ranging from public transport logistics, parking surveillance, traffic management, waste control, etc. They are, however, mostly deployed on top of existing communication backbone (mobile and fixed networks), built primarily for serving residential and B2B legacy communication needs. […]
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The convergence of AI and IoT, are we there yet?

Nja, or yes and no. AI is converging with IoT, at least in the context of big data. Machine learning is applied to the massive amount of data collected by IoT devices to identify patterns and detect anomalies. It could be argued that many IoT applications will be worthless without AI to derive value from […]
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LTE-U: U for unwanted or underappreciated?

Confused about LTE-U, LAA? And now MuLTEfire? Don’t worry–you are certainly not the only one. Even 3GPP had struggled for a while before they finally reached consensus on these terminologies. Simply put, LTE-U is the general term for a modified version of LTE to be deployed in the unlicensed band (ISM band in 5GHz in […]
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